Perch Group


Perch Group

Date Completed:

September 2021
"The calibre of the candidates was exceptional, it was such a fresh take on the recruitment process"
Rob Bonner, Head of Portfolio Acquisitions

Business Problem:

Perch were looking to hire high quality junior technical resources into the business and hadn’t as yet found success

What we delivered:

An end-to-end recruitment service, from re-writing job specifications to running technical testing and interviews, and the ultimate successful hiring of a suitable candidate.

How it benefitted the client:

Perch saved significant time and effort by reducing their involvement in the process, whilst still retaining full oversight and control. They hired a candidate who fitted both the technical requirements of the role and into the culture of Perch, and this person is thriving in the business today.

What we did

About Perch Group

Perch Group is a fast growing group of companies that specialises in credit and asset management in the UK. Their mission is to empower customers to take control of their finances and achieve financial wellbeing.

Perch Group are committed to supporting customers with re-establishing financial freedom and regaining control over their money.


The Project Brief

Perch have a desire to enhance their in-house analytical capabilities. As the consumer debt management market continues to evolve, businesses are expected to be using more intelligent and mature tools to support their clients with managing their finances.


Their Main Challenge

In order for Perch to deliver on their promise to empower customers to take control of their financial wellbeing, they needed to be able to offer more personalized strategies and solutions to their customers. Whilst rich in data, Perch had limited ability to gather meaningful and helpful insights which would drive better decision making, and therefore better solutions, for their customers.

They realised that to make themselves stand out as a consumer debt company, they needed to innovate, and bring in the right skills and expertise to properly understand their data.

After attempting to recruit two senior analysts into the company for a few months, they were struggling to attract the right calibre of candidate. The analyst job market remains extremely competitive, and Perch’s northern location was proving less desirable to candidates than other major cities.


The Process

At Anumana, we are proud to be able to offer a comprehensive recruitment service for clients who wish to build their internal analytical capabilities, but who are unsure as to where to begin to find the right person for the role. Our recruitment service takes the traditional time-intensive, drawn-out recruitment process and transforms this in a way where the client only gets involved when they need to.

We knew that senior analysts were in high demand, so we put forward a proposal to Perch to re-build the required roles and instead start from the ground up. We proposed hiring less experienced but capable candidates with great potential to grow into their roles, and become an even stronger asset to Perch over time.

After helping to re-write the job specification for the role, we managed the search for possible candidates. Using our extensive in-house knowledge of the analyst job market, and with a clear understanding of Perch’s requirements, we reviewed candidate CVs and created a short-list which we then shared with Perch.

The real beauty of the process is the interview process itself. After short-listing the candidates, we ran a 4-hour assessment centre where all prospective candidates were invited to the Perch office for technical testing, both group and individual interviews, and lunch! This expedited what would normally be weeks of separate and disparate interviews, into a single day of activity which ultimately led to an offer being made that very same day.

Perch remained involved throughout and had full oversight of the process, and they made their final candidate selection using the information acquired by us from each stage of the process, including technical test results from the assessment day.

The feedback from the client and the candidates alike was incredibly positive. Candidates were given flexibility to answer questions during the day. It enabled interaction between the candidates, insights for the client in terms of testing and skills.

One of the biggest advantages to this service is the amount of time and effort saved on Perch’s behalf. By letting us manage the time-intensive candidate search, CV reviews and interview logistics, they were able to be extremely efficient with their time, being involved only at the crucial stages of the process. In addition, with the candidate testing outputs gained from this initial exercise, Perch now have a bench-mark for assessing future candidates, and a better understanding of the qualities, characteristics and skills they are looking for in an excellent candidate.

Perch made an offer the day after the assessment centre day, and the candidate accepted. Most importantly, the candidate remains at Perch today and is thriving in the business.

“The whole process felt so easy. Dan was great to work with, he really listened to our specification and the day ran from start to finish really smoothly. Considering they had never been involved in this type of recruitment process before, the candidates all did really well, and interviewed better than more experienced people I’ve seen.”   – Emma Shannon, Head of HR

“The calibre of the candidates was exceptional, it was such a fresh take on the recruitment process.”Rob Bonner, Head of Portfolio Acquisitions



Whilst Perch were delighted with the hire –

“Our new hire is amazing; she has settled in really well. After completing her 3-month rotation across the business, all of the senior managers wanted her to join their team!”  – Emma Shannon, Head of HR

and we can consider the process a success, we still value feedback and are always looking for ways to provide an excellent service to our clients.

Through our debrief with Perch they had the following recommendations that we have now incorporated into the considerations for our future technical hiring processes:

  • They would have liked to have started off the day with a more in depth introduction to Perch as a business. This would have given the candidates a much deeper impression of Perch and ensured that they had the opportunity to align their interview answers to the Perch values.
    • We will be ensuring that we arrange up to a 30-minute introductory session for our clients to introduce the business.
  • They found that the requirement for candidates to present resulted in a couple of individuals dropping out before the day. For the role that we were looking to fill, the presentation in hindsight felt unnecessary.
    • To ensure we conduct an appropriately targeted assessment process, we will ensure our clients sign off on their preferred structure. We will present options for each stage of the process and advise, however give more control to the client.
  • In hindsight, a SQL test may have been more useful than a Python test.
    • Again, discussing the different options in more detail with the client before holding the session would enable the client to be confident in the best configuration for the process.

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