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At Anumana, we navigate the complexities of data and analytics, so you don’t have to.

Engineering & Architecture



Engineering & Architecture

Cloud Architecture

We design, build and deploy a data and analytics infrastructure optimised for cost and performance

Data Architecture

We transform your data into a scalable, efficient environment for extracting value quickly through repeatable analytics

Business Intelligence

We design, build and deploy automated reporting suites for accessing key business insights at a glance


Insight Analytics

We excel at interrogating complex data and effectively presenting the answer to important business questions to key stakeholders

Predictive Modelling

We are experts at developing advanced predictive models utilising the most appropriate technique for the use case


We apply predictive analytics alongside operational understanding to identify the optimal segmentation for your business



We help you design the individual roles and structure of your ideal team


Through our collaborative working practices, our handover processes, and our training, we upskill your team to learn and adopt new technologies

Our Framework

We achieve our objectives through a 3-phase programme

We want to help businesses like yours become data driven, providing the skills and expertise you need to build scalable platforms and successful analytics divisions. This is achieved through our three-phase programme:

Phase 1

Discovery Workshop

Before we can understand how to help your business, we need to understand your business. Our initial workshop digs beneath the surface of your business to assess your data maturity against our framework. We assess against 6 core pillars; Data, Technology, People, Culture, Advancement, Resilience

Phase 2

Building the Foundation

Data is your greatest asset for long-term value creation, so that’s where we’ll start. We ensure that you are capturing and retaining data from all core data sources as we begin upgrading your infrastructure. We follow with insight work, presenting useful information back to your team to understand how you leverage the data. This provides us with key information to design an optimal data and analytics roadmap for you.

Phase 3

Roadmap Delivery

In collaboration we will work project to project to upgrade your internal capabilities, prioritising projects that deliver the largest and quickest positive impact. Our projects are either value generative, or enablers to subsequent value generative projects. 

With all our phases we utilise our data maturity and benefits tracking frameworks to ensure structure, clarity and accountability to the build of your capabilities. 

Have a project in mind?
Let’s talk!

Have a project in mind?
Let’s talk!

Have a project in mind?
Let’s talk!